Restore Fitness Bournemouth Philosophy

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Meet the Therapist

I'm Emma, and I have a bit of an obsession with exercise. Over the years I've hopped between amateur bodybuilding, powerlifting, Crossfit and more. I also love to run. Needless to say I've had my fair share of injuries! Through my injuries I've been inspired by professionals who have guided my body back to optimum function to understand what causes injury, and what aids injury recovery. 

Sports Massage is hugely effective in helping to mobilise tense, stiff or injured tissues. It's also a great maintenance tool to help keep your body in check, and offset any tension before this leads to injury through tissue imbalance. 

Despite the name, Sports Massage isn't just for sporty folk! Many of my clients are desk workers who suffer from the lack of movement a desk job offers, or people who have had a history of injury and want to maintain mobility simply for activities of daily life. 

What's RFB's philosophy?

Fitness is defined as the condition of being physically fit and healthy. This doesn't exclusively mean participating in sports or going to the gym 7 days a week! For a lot of us, physical fitness simply means we can carry out our activities of daily living pain-free and not restricted by our mobility (or lack of). 

At Restore Fitness Bournemouth, fitness and health are at the core of what we do. Through Sports Massage Therapy we aim to identify and work on tissue imbalance, and help mobilise those stiff and sore tissues.   

We want you to know that we are LGBTQIA+ Friendly, and Body Positive! We do not believe in discrimination in any form, and we believe all people deserve the best in fitness and health!