COVID-19 Measures for practising Sports Massage Therapy 2021

Due to the current pandemic, all close-contact services (such as massage) must take extra precautions to protect clients and therapists from COVID-19 transmission. The measures we are taking at Restore Fitness Bournemouth are as follows:

  • Disposable PPE to be worn to each appointment including face mask, visor and plastic apron. 

  • All PPE to be changed to fresh new PPE in between appointments.

  • Massage table, bolsters, IASTM tools and all other equipment to be sanitised with antibacterial methods in between clients.

  • Antibacterial hand gel to be used in between clients alongside handwashing if available.

  • Towels will not be provided by the therapist at present as these cannot practicably be sanitised during transport. Towels may be provided by the client if they wish. 

  • COVID-19 questionnaire to be completed by all clients prior to face-to-face treatment.

  • Face mask must be worn by clients (unless medically exempt) throughout the treatment.